Kees Borghouts at Miku Emerald Mine, 1972. Photo by John Berry
Kees Borghouts at Miku Emerald Mine, 1972. Photo by John Berry
Mr. Berry’s wide experience of different types of geological problems in a wide variety of geological terrains makes him an excellent problem solver when issues of geological interpretation arise. In addition, Mr. Berry has lifelong experience in the integration of diverse data sets to provide answers to geological questions: these data sets include soil geochemical surveys, aeromagnetic and aerial radiometric surveys, gravity data, and mineral deposit distribution. An unusual example of the latter would be the stratabound distribution of emerald deposits in the Colombian Andes: the deposits define an evaporitic horizon which has acted in places as a decollement surface.
In addition to exploration for copper, gold, uranium, oil and gas, the range of geological problems Mr. Berry has been called on to solve ranges from estimates of phosphate resources for a Federal/State land swap in Idaho to estimates of chemical weathering rates and overall denudation rates in N. Carolina, and from mapping landslide hazards to delineation of limestone reserves.

Geology: summary of competences

  • Fold and thrust belt mapping
  • Mapping of low-relief structures
  • Fault and fracture mapping
  • Mineral Alteration zone mapping
  • Subsidence mapping (using SAR interferometry)
  • Historical (“before and after”) mapping