Geological Remote Sensing:

  • Fold and thrust belt mapping
  • Mapping of low-relief structures
  • Fault and fracture mapping
  • Mineral Alteration zone mapping
  • Subsidence mapping (using SAR interferometry)
  • Historical (“before and after”) mapping

Marine and Lacustrine Remote Sensing

  • Natural oil slick mapping (for assessing frontier basin charge risk)
  • Natural gas seep mappping
  • Oil Pollution mapping and volume determination
  • Swell and internal wave mapping
  • Ocean current mapping and velocity determination (under favorable circumstances)
  • Shelf bathimetry and coral pinnacle detection (under clear water conditions).
  • Coastal erosion monitoring.


  • Geomorphic expressions of mineralization
  • Paleodrainage reconstruction


  •        Low-level aerial follow-up of marine and terrestrial remote-sensing targets
  • Boots-on-the-ground geological, geochemical and geophysical (potential fields) fieldwork
  • (Almost) anywhere in the world.


  • Paleo-coastline reconstruction
  • Paleo-drainage reconstruction
  • Paleoclimate reconstruction

Regions of Special Expertise:

  • Western China
  • Eastern Australia
  • Southern cne of S. America
  • Eastern Canada
  • Eastern USA
  • Great Basin, USA