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The Image Processing and Data Flow diagrams trace the satellite images through the ERDAS image-processing software package from data tapes to processed images. An Index to the satellite images in this porertfolio is provided in two forms, a map and a tabular index. The map contains sheet (page) numbers of the iamges organized by satellite Path and Row numbers. Whenever possible, the sheet numbers have been located on the map to indicate which half of the full scene (West or East) the image contains. The tabular index, which is also organized by Path and Row, contains the Image ID, Date of Image Acquisition, and some descriptive comments as well as the sheet number. GULF OF MEXICO MOSAIC: The best images for each Path and Row were reproduced photographically and positioned on a map of the Gulf of Mexico to produce this Image Mosaic. This presentation is meant to provide a quick overview
of the data coverage and data quality; please refer to the individual images,
where much more detail and better resolution is available. The photographic
reproduction did not preserve distances. The images are positioned only
approximately on the mosaic. INDIVIDUAL IMAGES: Processed satellite images were plotted with the color Versatec plotter. The images are labelled in the lower left and lower right corners with the sheet index number; an index map and image label can be found to the right of each image.
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