The sayings of Josh Joeson

Matt Fisher
I have an old friend, a neighbor, with whom I spend many a quiet evening in the back yard, watching the squirrels, the hummingbirds, and the occasional coyote or hawk as they go about their daily business. Josh is just an ordinary fellow: perhaps a bit better off than many, since he has never drunk alcohol, used drugs or tobacco, gambled or spent money on women other than his wife. He has never splurged on a flashy car or a boat or big vacations. It’s not that he’s a Mormon, or even less a Muslim, or even a Pentecostal or a Baptist. Certainly not an Episcopalian – he sees that church as an arm of the powers that be. I’m not sure that he goes to any church unless he has to. He’s not a do-gooder in any way you could recognize. He’s just a quietly devout man with his own opinions. As he thinks he whittles wood – he says that he thinks with his hands.
In his youth he was more outspoken than he is now. He ran for office as a New Dealer and quite a lot of people thought that he might become President one day on the Democratic ticket. He seemed to have everything going for him: he was a great speaker, he could run a tight organization on very slight resources, and he reminded people of the best in our nation’s past, encouraging them to live up to it. But he had a little trouble with the law, I think it was during the McCarthy era, when he was about 30. J. Edgar Hoover was having him tailed, as he did everyone whom he saw as a potential threat to the moneyed interests, and Josh was framed and was prosecuted for treason in a trial in which the main witnesses perjured themselves. Josh had to pull some strings to get out of that one, and he lay low for a couple of decades afterwards. He’s never gone back into public life but he reads a lot and thinks about it. As he says, “busy people have no time to think, idle people have to think to save their minds”.
Here are some of his sayings:
“Wealth never trickles down: it can only trickle up.”
“A democracy in which wealth is concentrated in a very few is doomed to one man rule.”
“A society with no constraints on the power of the wealthy is in danger of a revolution.”
“The powerful always use their power to gain more power.”
“The powerful will always break the rules when it suits them.”
“Words are blown away in the wind: the only thing that power understands is direct action.”
“Never use violence for political ends: the powers-that-be are always better armed.”
“No man is as blind as a rich man confronting poverty.”
“Those who raise money to fight injustice are tools of the rich, because they use their services.”
“Never trust a salesman, as he has a vested interest in deceiving you.”
“Never trust a man successful in a business ruled by criminals: he must have sold his soul.”
“A man who does not pay his labor breaks the most sacred contract.”
“A man who takes advantage of women will take advantage of anyone.”
“A man whose business deals in immorality or violence has no conscience.”
“The ultimate weapon will always be used, eventually.”
“A plea bargain can never be just.”
“A country in which prisons are privately run will end up with all of its citizens in prison.”
“A country in which all schools are privately run will end up with at most 25% of its people going to school.”
“If you starve the Government, you will finish by being slaves to Corporations.”
“If a Corporation is a person, the hive is a bee. Neither President nor Queen can be held responsible. But any employee or worker bee can be made a scapegoat. Is this just?”
“ ‘Homo Economicus’ does not exist. Market Theory is a house of cards based on a false assumption.”
I will pass on more of Josh’s sayings later.